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A Tool of Resistance, 2019 - 2020


This two channel video installation is an introduction to what is happening in the West Bank, between Palestinians and the Israeli army. This video installation is designed to narrate the everyday reality of the Palestinians at large through the micro example of the city of Hebron and its resistance to the Israeli army. In order to be able to develop this narrative, I traveled to the region, where I came into contact with Human Rights Defenders, a local group who makes use of the camera and video footage as a tool of peaceful resistance. This video installation contains mostly footage filmed by me but includes also other archival materials, allowing this way an insight into the Palestinian history and reality. The work explores the role and nature of the camera and video especially in situations of conflicts and oppressions. This work is part of the series called "Fragments" that I have made in different territories affected by long years of frozen conflicts.


26 min 35 sec

Two channel video installation

Video HD, color, sound


Interview with: Badee Dwaik

Language: Audio - English, Arabic, Hebrew | Subtitles - English

Translation: Iyad Dayoub, Eden Rabi

Proofreading and Subtitles: Kari Leigh Rosenfeld

Color and Sound:  Anna Ehrenstein, Tristan Daniel Nicolas

Locations: Ramallah, Hebron, Tel Aviv