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A Tool of Resistance, 2020


The filming of this video was somehow influenced by an ambiguous law that was circulating among the Palestinians in the West Bank by the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019. Israeli Cabinet Members had proposed a law in the parliament that would make filming, photographing or publishing footage of Israeli military activities in the West Bank a crime, punishable by up to ten years in prison. It was unclear then, if this was a mere provocation against Palestinians who have been employing cameras and visual technologies as anti-colonial and political tools of resistance, and  remains unclear now, if this law will actually be approved.



23 min 35 sec

2-channel video installation

Video HD, color, sound


Interview with: Badee Dwaik

Language: Audio - English, Arabic, Hebrew | Subtitles - English

Translation: Iyad Dayoub, Eden Rabi

Proofreading and Subtitles: Kari Leigh Rosenfeld

Color and Sound: Tristan Daniel Nicolas

Locations: Ramallah, Hebron

The moments of fear


This 6 photographs were taken autonomously on my camera during a run while filming "A Tool of Resistance".

I remember this specific moment that i wanted to film, but I couldn't. A moment that made me question all the other undocumented moments. This were moments of fear, fear from the military, fear from being seen, fear of being caught,

the fear of mapping through the camera lenses the contaminated political landscape. Fear that often results in partial footage, in blurred images, in unfocused frames, in not capturing the subject or cutting it out of the frame.



Series of 6 photographs,

Inkjet print, 148 × 35 mm each