Vangjush Vellahu

At the edge of Tskhinvali, 2017


The Georgian-Ossetian conflict is an ethno-political dispute over South Ossetian territory which is a partially recognised entity. In 2008 during Saakashvili office, the Russo-Georgian war started over South Ossetia, concluding with the Georgian military defeat, ethnic cleansing and the recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia from Russia.



12 min 20 sec

Video, Color, Sound, Aspect Ratio 16:9


Interview with: Galina Kelechsaeva

Locations: Tskhinvali, Lower Nikozi, Upper Nikozi, Tbeti, Ergeneti, Shavshvebi

Language: Audio German-Georgian-Russian, Subtitles English

Translation: Martha Todua, Mariam Tataridze

Support: Guram Kereselidze, Maka Sartania, Ioana Mitrea