Vangjush VĂ«llahu

At the edge of Tskhinvali, 2017


Tskhinvali Region or the Republic of South Ossetia is a partially recognised state in the South Caucasus, that was established as an Autonomous Oblast within the former Georgian SSR. In 1980 a separatist movement was created and promoted the idea of the separation from Georgia and the unification with North Ossetia, which was a republic in the Russian Federation. In 1989 they wanted to be recognised as an autonomous republic but this was rejected by Georgia who implemented a series of laws that were seen as hostile. In 1991 when Georgia gained independence from the Soviet Union the conflicts raised between Ossetians and Georgians. A peacekeeping operation from Russia was established in South Ossetia in 1992. One year later, they approved a constitution that underlined their independence as a republic even if this was not recognised by most of the countries. Conflicts raised in 2008 during Saakashvili politics which culminated with the Russo-Georgian war, Georgian military defeat and ethnic cleansing.



12 min 20 sec

HD-Video, Color, Sound, Aspect Ratio 16:9


Interview with: Galina Kelechsaeva

Locations: Tskhinvali, Lower Khviti, Upper Nikozi, Tbeti, Ergeneti, Shavshvebi (South Ossetia, Georgia)

Language: Audio German-Georgian-Russian, Subtitles English

Translation: Martha Todua, Mariam Tataridze

Support: Guram Kereselidze, Maka Sartania, Ioana Mitrea