Vangjush Vellahu

Beneath Appearances, 2014


Photo Installation, Triptych, Color

200 x 140 cm each triptych

105 photos, 25 x 25 cm each photo


Beneath Appearances, is a study concerning clothes and commercial accessories traces left on the body, accessories that we use just to cover our bodies or we wear because of fashion convictions. The work it’s a close investigation of the body and what is hidden underneath the clothes. In the photos is shown a part of everyone’s intimacy through parts of the body that are not recognizable. All this traces are unimportant and unnoticed for most of the people. However, the traces keep inside real mementos and details about the character of something absent and give us an insight about it. All the small details like the depth of trace, the color or the shape tell us about the idea of time. Also, the character of the traces that we have nowadays shows us the difference between past and present. 100 years ago people used to wear another type of accessories so the traces from that times would have shown us a different character of the clothes, specific for that time. The second intention was to observe some details that are not so easy to see every day. We don’t pay so much attention to details like skin, veins, and all those little details of our body. It’s easy to see in the photos the reaction of the skin surface, the texture, skin moles or the pimples. One detail can tell us about the entire and become a metamorphosis without identity. Skin is a constant subject of study for decades and for many artists is a point of interest to be explored being a part of our body which contains memories of the past.