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Earth, Water, Sun and Wind, 2023


Western Sahara holds some of the world's largest phosphate reserves, rich fishing banks, potential oil and gas

resources, and the ability to generate sufficient renewable energy that could power the entire Maghreb region.

However, these resources are being exploited by the Moroccan state and several international companies in violation

of international law, which considers Western Sahara to be under illegal occupation of Morocco. The profit generated

from these operations primarily supports Moroccan settlers, who make up more than two-thirds of the population in Western Sahara, while it entirely excludes Sahrawi people living in Algerian refugee camps. In recent years, Morocco's

occupation has received a growing wave of support, particularly from France, Spain, the US and Israel alongside other countries, thereby disregarding more than 30 years of UN efforts on the Sahrawi people's self-determination  referendum.



18 min 00 sec

2-channel video installation

Video HD, color, sound


Language: Audio - English   |   Subtitles - English

Subtitles and Assistance: Lilo Meier

Color and Sound: Tristan Daniel Nicolas

Editors: Vangjush Vellahu, Jasmina Metwaly

Locations: Marrakech, Tarfaya, Laayoune, Dakhla, Guerguerat