Vangjush Vellahu

Fragments I

Where stories cut across the land

2015 - 2018


6 Channel Video Installation (for specifications to each video see below),

TV screens, Scaffolds Different Sizes, Rolling Chairs,

Offset Matt Transparent Plastic and Paper Prints on the Wall,

Stills and Photographs, Sound Installation,

Book (Fragments I - Where stories cut across the land)



In this work I document the present situation of six unrecognised republics, giving a more personal testimony to the multi-layered histories of these forgotten entities. It is a complex topic involving international actors whose active/passive, from top down approach, determines how these entities continue to coexist. I collect people’s stories whose collective drama is not only a trace left on their experiences of war, but also the kind that remains embedded in buildings and landscapes that continue to bear witness to what’s left of the past. Through a further exploration of the subject I look at how memories effect the understanding and reflection on what had happened, shaping the way in which people identify with their everyday realities, that are often frozen and in conflict. The list of unrecognised states with a de facto control over their territory is long. This work is a prologue that needs to continue.

Abkhazia after, Vangjush Vellahu Varosha a silent town, Vangjush Vellahu

Abkhazia After

Varosha, a silent town

Agdam, Vangjush Vellahu



At the edge of Tskhinvali

Field of Blackbirds