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Land X, 2022


This video was filmed in February 2022 from one of the rooms at Oriental Hotel in the city center of Hargeisa, interfering in a way in between the two opposing positions to a place that it is being referred to as fictional and real at the same time. -Position One: I was never here and therefore I never filmed this video, these images don't exist because this place doesn't, the hotel, the buildings around, the people and that military entity. The filming took place entirely somewhere else. -Position Two: I certainly was here and therefore I certainly filmed this video, these images do exist because this place does, the hotel, the buildings around, the people and that military entity. The filming took place entirely in Somaliland.



23 min 41 sec

3-channel video installation

Video 4K, color, sound


Language: Audio - English, Somali   |   Subtitles - English

Proofreading and Subtitles: Krzysztof GutfraĊ„ski

Sound and Colors: Sarvenaz Mostofey

Location: Hargeisa

3-channel video


1-channel video


Notes from the ground


Due to an increased military presence in the region, especially when crossing through borders, cities, villages, streets...

that contained certain forms of checkpoints and controls, there was a particular difficulty in passing through. The targets of this controls vary, information, visual or other ways were among them. Electronic devices, that transmit or contain information remain highly suspicious and checked constantly. Giving the daily proximity of the military entities towards civilians, it becomes clear soon enough that a certain instructed behavior is being expected. One has to justify in detail the purpose of being here and now, its national or ethnic identity, political views, itineraries, intentions, approaches, beliefs, opinions, thoughts, profession, valuables, information that is intended to be gathered and transmitted...


102 - Tissues

20.5 x 21 cm each