Vangjush Vellahu

The Rooms, Vangjush Vellahu
The Rooms, Vangjush Vellahu

The Rooms, 2014


The Rooms project was realized in Guangzhou, and focuses on the urban development in a neighborhood located in the heart of Guangzhou city, which is about to be destroyed, so that the government can build skyscrapers and continue the same inner-city structure that is already around it.  One part of the documenting process was to document abandoned rooms. Although almost every one of them was destroyed, each was very unique in the sense of the composition and memories that it contained. The destruction of the rooms means the memories of this place and the things that happened there will disappear, and the people will forget about it, since this is a normal occurrence in today’s China. Documenting this neighborhood was for me the only possibility to face the decisions of a restricted society in the moment in which they choose to change everything from the roots – and to keep the images of what in the future will be forgotten.


19 min 20 sec / 24 min 40 sec


Multi-channel video and photo installation,

HD-Video Color, Sound, Aspect ratio 16:9

35 photo printed on photo paper, 22 X 35 cm,

Interview with: Xu Tan and Huang Xiaopeng

Language: Audio - English, Subtitle - No

Location: Guangzhou, China


Suported by: Muthesius Kunsthochschule, South Normal China University,

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Goethe-Institut and DAAD