Vangjush Vëllahu

Varosha a silent town, Vangjush Vellahu
Varosha a silent town, Vangjush Vellahu
Varosha a silent town, Vangjush Vellahu

Varosha, a silent town, 2016


The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a self-declared state, recognised only by Turkey. In 1960 Cyprus became independent. Three years later, the president of the Republic of Cyprus introduced new amendments on the constitution that were reducing the position of the Turkish Cypriots regarding the constitutional framework. This turned into a violent conflict after the Turkish Cypriots rejected the reform. The Turkish Cypriots withdraw into enclaves which were situated all over the island until 1974. In 1964 a UN peacekeeping force was established. In 1974, a coup d'état, performed as part of an attempt to annex the island to Greece, prompted the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. This resulted in the eviction of much of the north's Greek Cypriot population to the south and the flight of Turkish Cypriots from the south to the north, and the partitioning of the island, leading to a unilateral declaration of independence by the North in 1983. The international community considers the northern part of the island as territory of the Republic of Cyprus occupied by Turkey.



12 min 05 sec

HD-Video, Color, Sound, Aspect Ratio 16:9


Interview with: a conscript soldier

Music: Recorded during Salah times at Lala Mustafa Paşa Mosque in Famagusta

Language: Audio English, Subtitles English

Locations: Varosha-Famagusta, Girne, Nicosia-Gokhan (Northern Cyprus)

Support: Ioana Mitrea